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My 1st Posting: A Little Background

Posted by Ron Price ® , Aug 15,2004,11:51 Post Reply   Forum

In this my first posting I shall enter one of my prose-poems, one I wrote in the last hour or so....I write a great deal of poetry with influences from a wide range of sources. I hope to be able to come to this site frequnetly, but busy days may keep me away more than I desire...


A film with some of the flavour of the Western, this gangster movie set in the 1930s in a small Texas town had some good lines. In the midst of the violence, blood and guts some finely scripted lines stood out. They were useful lines for the troubled world I live in with its own forms of violence, blood and guts and useful, too, to the troubled souls whose paths I cross, have crossed and will cross. I will conclude this opening preamble to my poem with two of these somewhat simple, yet philosophically relevant lines:

Sometimes you just have to play a bad hand.
......something will turn up. It always does.
-Ron Price with thanks to Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing(1996), WIN TV, 10:30-12:30 am, August 16th, 2004.

No matter how difficult your life
the movies you always have with you.
No matter what you don’t understand:
your wife, your children, your life,
the technicolour treats still surround you.

Scripted, flawless and implausible
poetic creations of a different sort
than yours you’ve put on paper---
in a profession nothing like this one
which requires you to be alone---
more the product of a group.

An enthusiasm for poetry
is not like an enthusiasm for movies,
somehow the poet has to find a way
of keeping that spark, that fire, alive:
to keep on writing with the years---
even when the hand you’ve got is bad
and even when nothing turns up.

I find I can escape into some aeroplane
when I watch a good movie,
but in poetry I can fly after a lifetime
of crawling on my hands and knees.1

1 James Dickey in Poets At Work: The Paris Review Interviews, editor, George Plimpton, Viking Press, 1989, p. 361.

Ron Price
16 August 2004

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