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Some Influences on My Life back Then

Posted by Ron Price ® , Aug 15,2004,12:00 Post Reply   Forum


My mother had a great influence on me as a child and adolescent. She was influenced by many religious philosophies and groups in her eclectic wanderings from The Unity School of Christian Thought, to The Uniting Church, to Buddhism, to The Baha’i Faith, among other paths. Louise Hay, elder of Hay House and author of many books, was interviewed on ABC Radio National, “New Dimensions”, 24 December 1998, 9:05-10:00 am. She seemed to be saying all those things my mother said long ago.-Ron Price, Pioneering Over Three Epochs, 24 December 1998.

I heard my mother talk this morning
about all those things she used to say
and talk about: affirmations, health
and healing, positive thinking,
prayer and meditation, loving yourself,
avoiding criticism, seeing only the good---
and it sounded good, but I wondered,
as I sat back, then and now,
about the immensely complex world
we have created and the need for
a profound and massive dose of Truth
from an Exalted Soul
in accents of majestic power,
as has been the case throughout history
when a flame of divine wisdom
summoned the people to the river
of everlasting life. For a spiritual
and imperishable fragrance
must draw us as we are tried and tested,
as we lose and as a melancholy tries us
in the claws of earth’s dark sepulchers.

Ron Price
24 December 1998

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