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the modern world

Posted by allister lehan , Aug 29,2004,00:30 Post Reply   Forum

I want to share a few thoughts with you on the modern state of things. Most of you would know that things are different to how they were in buddhas time - and many people still wonder why buddhas are so rare - and nirvana tricky to attain - its the modern world !! The whole edifice has been built up since the industrial revolution - the gold rushes and the discovery of oil. The great thing is that the buddha reminds us that all things are impermanent- the oil will run out - and this should be seen as a good thing, as we will return to a more honest state of affairs - more in line with buddhas times. I wanted to share these observations - because the edifice that has built up has given everyone a false sense of the eventual true outcome of the world that is inevitable

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