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Posted by danillefishel (, ), Apr 18,2005,11:53 Post Reply   Forum

Hello Everyone! How are you? Fine, I hope. I practice Tibetian Buddhism. I just wanted to share something really awesome I just saw online,


It’s a social networking service for Buddhists and it doesn’t matter whether you are married or single, you can go in and meet all kinds of people...they also have a huge classified ads section- I'm trying to buy some furniture through there, and there are also all kinds of clubs and events as well. You can start a club and invite all your friends and they can decline or accept kinda like Evite. This is the only website I have seen where you can see full profiles of friends of friends and see what clubs, events and things they are selling… I know this is a very cool website you all should definitely check it out..Hopefully I will see you at some of my events! Related link: www.BuddhistConnect.com

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