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I am reading "Mindfulness In Plain English" by H. Gunaratana Mahathera.

In Chapter 7 "What to do With Your Mind" he talks about monkey-mind. I have that...

As thoughts come up as I concentrate on my breathing I am to observe them, the emotions attached to them, and alow them to pass away without adding energy to them.

How do I keep from being lost or pulled in by them? I find like with all thoughts I engage them for awhile and then my mind moves onto something else. It that ok? I try to be mindful and return to concentrating on my breathing. It that the right thing to do?

As a mind trick to help me practice mindful breathing I think of the story in "Mindfulness In Plain English" by H. Gunaratana Mahathera. It is about a framer who takes a break and finds his oxen at the watering hole. He returns them to work with no problems. I think of my concentration spot as my oxen that I can find easily, I don't have to chase, and hunt for it. I ask myself when I need to be mindful because of a life situation "where are the oxen", I then breath and become aware of my breathing. Is this natural? Is it ok to approach mindfulness like this?

I am concerned and would like some guidance.
Thank you for any insight and or input.

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