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Itś only me!

Posted by gotamo (), Nov 09,2008,07:22 Post Reply   Forum

i was a raised roman-catholic.But i had to find out another way.
The most true answers i found in the Pali-Canon.
I did study an practiced it, just the eightfold path. Nothing more nothing less.
I reached the final state of buddhahood.
Live on two sides half of it is samsara and the other half is in the beyond.
It me about thirty years of studying and practice, when i became
enlightened. Not expecting it, not urging anything, it just
happend. After enlightenment i found out whtś in the beyond.
You must find it out by yourself.
The best what you can do for yourself ist to study the Pali-Canon.
Do start with the longer collection and be prpared to read it
severeal times then you will grasp more and more by the time.
The longer collection is called Dhiganikayo.
There are lots of people who tray to teach. But only the enlightened are allowed to, after the sayings of Gotamo Buddo.
I am the spiritual son of Gotamo Buddho, i was produced by the
words of his mouth. Certainly there will be no scizophrenic,
mix up with the identity.
Therefor i have the licence and the obligation to teach and give advice to other pilgrims on their path.
Do ask me!
gotamo buddho

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